Past Life On Trial (By JRS)

The Return Of Vincent Van Gogh (By JRS)    

Dancing Salsa (By JRS)

The Healer's Struggle, Part 1 (By JRS) 

The Healer's Struggle, Part 2 (By JRS)  

The Unwelcome Buddhist (By JRS) 

Clone Son:  A Novel (By Young J/JRS)

Roman Britain Comes To Earth (By Young J/JRS)

The Adventures Of Zan Taragus  (By Young J/JRS)


The Last Act of Kindness (By JRS)

Handcuffs (By JRS)

Two Drivers (By JRS)

The Dog (By JRS)

Projection (By JRS)

The Umbrella (By JRS)

Stolen Silverware (By JRS)

Daphne (By JRS)

The Runner (By JRS)

The Murder Of Icarus:  A Novella (By JRS)

The Dress (By JRS)

Game Of Losers (By JRS)

The Golden Rule (By JRS)

Nativity Scene (By JRS)

Stop Bothering Them!  (By JRS) 

Taking Off The Cast  (By JRS) 

Hiroshima Genes (yukiko's memory) By JRS

The Flower And The Soda Cans (By JRS)

The Plagiarist (By JRS)

A Superstition Of The Poor:  A Novel (By Young J/JRS)

Footnotes (By JRS)

Earth Refound (By JRS)

Ode To The Cold War's End (By JRS)

The French Time Machine (By JRS)

The Lady In The Gray Cloak (By JRS)

Brilliance On Behalf Of A Neurosis (By JRS)

The Violinist (By JRS)

The Dark Side Of Brother:  A Novella (By JRS)

The Bet (By JRS)

Two Imperfect Paintings (By JRS)

The American Tourister Bag (By JRS)

The Water Pitcher (By JRS)

A Priest In A Lifeboat (By JRS)

The First Man, In The Valley Of Eggs (By JRS)

The Little Bird (By JRS)

Two Who Learned To Fly (By JRS)

Mrs. Quilter's Complaining (By JRS)

The Horrible Image (By JRS)

The Clamor Of Spirits (By JRS)

The Bathroom Psychic (By JRS)

Men:  Four Tales (By JRS)

The Wind-Up Woman (ByJRS)

Passport To Autumn (By JRS)

The Tarot Reader (By JRS)

The Eyes Of A Warrior (By JRS)

A Fugitive In Hiding (By JRS)

The Suicide Note (By JRS)

The Power Of Anger (By JRS)

The Angel's Aria (By JRS)

The Chess Match (By JRS)

The Man Who Could Turn Himself Into A Dog (By JRS)

How The Earthworm Sees The World (By JRS)

Theseus:  The Return From Hell (By JRS)

Things Seen From A Mile Away (By JRS)


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