If you are a creator, you will know that creation and the creative life often come with a price tag - and that the price on that tag is often sky high.  Basically, creators come into this life to be abused, by the deadly combination of their own great dreams and the frequent indifference or inaccessibility of society, which is sometimes blockaded from them by business systems that control and strangle the flow of art into the social consciousness; and which, at other times, is simply unresponsive or hostile, due to the power of our modern cultural conditioning, which has tended to suppress many dimensions of human sensitivity, thereby shutting out the artist's natural point of contact with his audience.  Of course, the creative world also suffers, frequently, from its own vices:  from inflated and delirious expectations; from insatiable egos that will never be satisfied unless a city is named after them; from seekers of the artist's image who are not really artists, in their souls; and from impatient artists, not willing to undergo the painful but necessary process of learning and growing - the cheetahs who have one magnificent run in them, and then, if they do not achieve their goal, collapse, panting, to the ground.  And yet - though artists - though creators - must often bear much of the blame for their misery, I cannot avoid feeling an unshakable bond of solidarity with them, for I know their path all too well; and, beyond all their many faults, I have seen (and felt) the callousness of the business system which rules art in our world, and experienced the terrible alienation that comes from offering beauty that no one wants, from trying to plant a flower in a place where no one is looking.

Of course, this small web site cannot overturn a powerful social reality all by itself.  What it can do, however, is help to give exposure to a small number of unrecognized creators, using the possibilities of the worldwide web to bypass some of the blockages in our system; and to put these neglected creators into contact with the possibility of receptive audiences.

This space on the site is, therefore, reserved for creators, and their admirers; for those who hunger to create, and for those who hunger to receive the energy and life of what has been created.  It is a space where artist and audience can meet, mingle, overlap, and share:  one more venue, off the beaten track, where what is different has a chance to grow, in a small, but loving place.




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