The following section is dedicated to one of the great mysteries of our times, the UFO PHENOMENON.   Exaggerated to the point of unbelievability by some who claim to know more than anybody probably can or does at this moment in history - woefully underestimated and frequently disparaged by the social mainstream, in spite of a considerable record of concrete and unsolved incidents which has accrued over time - the UFO phenomenon, in my opinion, deserves respectful attention at the very least, and more justly might expect to be the subject of ardent inquiry, given its enormous potential ramifications for the future of our civilization and collective Weltanschauung.  This Page is intended to be the platform from which will launch its own idiosyncratic excursion into the mystery. 

In the beginning, this section will be represented by my own work on the subject: a long essay (or perhaps a small book) entitled "The Secret of the UFOs."  In the future, commentary by guest authors may be added; it is also my intention to include a small number of links to serious web sites involved in the study of the UFO phenomenon.

First written in the winter of 2002, "The Secret of the UFOs" has definite strengths and weaknesses, or perhaps simply its own particular emphasis.  It may best be described as a piece of reasoned speculation, or else grounded imagination; and it does not start at the beginning, but rather, takes off from the middle.  What this means is that the essay does not attempt to compile a convincing inventory of UFO sightings in order to overcome the skeptic, but starts from the belief that UFOs exist.  I have been convinced of their existence by the compelling arguments that have been made, and the expansive documentation that has been gathered, by  numerous sober scientific investigators and organizations over the years.  (Readers who have not yet been convinced like myself, and who are therefore not ready to begin where I begin,  are invited to consult some of the sources and links provided in this section.)  The purpose of my essay is to seek to explain the operating principles of the phenomenon, in terms of the intelligent objectives behind it, as well as to develop an understanding of our human patterns of  reaction and non-reaction to it. 

"The Secret of the UFOs" advances from the position that the UFO phenomenon is related to the activity of an extraterrestrial civilization, or civilizations, which are engaged in some form of space travel and interaction with the Earth.  It is, however, possible that this is not the case, and that the phenomenon derives from unknown earthly forces, or from forces not embodied by biological organisms as we understand them; that the phenomenon is somehow spiritual or psychic in nature. 

"The Secret of the UFOS" integrates the controversial incident at Roswell, New Mexico, and the controversial phenomenon of "alien abduction" into its arguments, recognizing that these occurrences represent a less solid layer of evidence than do some of the harder UFO sightings that have taken place over time.  The hypotheses proposed by "The Secret of the UFOS" do not depend upon either Roswell or alien abductions; indeed, both occurrences present challenges to the hypotheses which must work hard to make sense of them. 

"The Secret of the UFOs" struggles not to succumb to paranoia and conspiracy theory, and yet, as it proceeds, it cannot ultimately avoid the conclusion that elements of the US government and cultural/economic elites are deeply involved in attempting to "manage" the phenomenon.  Rather than seeking to portray a sinister cabal of conspirators at the heart of this response, however, the essay attempts to understand the "people who know" and the very comprehensible, if not ideal, motives which govern their actions.

This work is in no way presented arrogantly as an authoritative explanation of the UFO phenomenon; it is simply my contribution, an offering of my gifts, if they may be viewed as such, to a collective and multi-disciplined human effort to understand what is going on.  I am not wed to my conclusions, and fully accept the possibility of their imprecision.  Whether this essay helps Humanity to perceive a crucial phenomenon with a little more clarity, or only  helps its author to break free of his ego by being wrong, its use to someone is assured!

Although the essay could doubtless profit from additional revision and editing, the priorities of are best met, at this time, by presenting the work as is:  it is up to you, the reader, to look for the gold amidst the rock, and to mine it for what has worth.

- JRS, September 2006.  








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