Tarot Reading Service



The Basics

This service offers to provide one tarot reading for a fee of $50 US, to be paid in advance, via PayPal or other means.

First, the prospective client should send an e-mail to this service, and await a response verifying that the service is active at the moment (it may be "down" depending on current time and resource commitments of rainsnow.org).

Next, the client should send his/her payment.

Following this, the client should send an e-mail to the service providing: (1) a brief description of himself/herself, (2) a first name, or "pseudonym" if desired, (3) his/her astrological sun sign (for example Aries, Scorpio, Libra, etc.) - optional; and (4) a major question which he/she would like the tarot to help to answer. (For example: "What can you tell me about the future of my relationship?" Or, "What are my economic prospects in the near future?" Or, just a general read, "What do the cards show about how my life situation will be in the near future?") NOTE: All information should be either written or pasted directly into the body of the e-mail. E-mail ATTACHMENTS will NOT be OPENED! (Sorry for the inconvenience.)

The service will then provide a tarot reading by e-mail.

Afterwards, the client is entitled to send one follow-up e-mail which cannot be used for requesting another reading, but only for requesting a clarification of what was in the first reading. The service maintains its right to reply to the follow-up as it sees fit.


Why the Fee?

The principal purpose of this site is to promote and support the Rainsnow Project, a spiritual and cultural project aimed at making this a better world. The project is currently operating with limited amounts of time and resources; and so, it is beyond its means to provide free tarot readings for all who seek them. We deeply regret the fact that this fee may act as an obstacle to some individuals who desire to have the tarot read here; and sincerely hope that the free information on tarot reading provided, on this site, will in some way act as compensation for this situation. (That information will be useful to some individuals who already know how to read the tarot, or are learning how to read the tarot themselves, through the use of appropriate guide books, in which case, they may be able to do their own tarot reading. Of course, there are many "psychics" and tarot-readers available outside of this service, who you may resort to. Some may charge as little as $5 - $10, usually for a "teaser read" - laying down 1-3 cards, and setting up a longer read for an additional fee. Many may charge $20-$25 for a more complete read (though that is the low end of the price range). While on the "psychic lines", you may get a reading for as little as $0, if you participate in a special promotion, which usually ends up costing money, however, once your "free minutes" are up; or for as much as $5 per minute ($4.99), which, over a period of 30 minutes, would add up to: $149.70.)


Who is doing the tarot reading, and what are his/her qualifications?

I ("J Rainsnow") am likely to be doing the reading, but I may, as demand warrants, entrust some of the work to assistants whom I deem competent.

I have been reading the tarot for many years, for myself, friends, and acquaintances, and I also worked, for a time, with a "telephone psychic network", doing my best to help people within the confines of a system that was not friendly to readers, nor optimal for its clients - which is why I left.

In the case of assistants who I may call upon to provide readings in my place, depending upon conditions, they will be judged, by me, through some form of screening, to be sensitive, conscientious and competent, though their style may vary. THEY MAY ALSO USE OTHER DECKS THAN ME (for example, the Rider-Waite deck, instead of the Mythic Deck), as well as other spreads, and even somewhat different card meanings.

If it is important to you that I, personally, read the tarot for you, please inform me in an e-mail before you pay, to verify that I am available.


Quality of the Readings

Quality of readings may vary. The "Sample Tarot Reading" provided as a model represents a detailed reading of relatively high quality. No guarantee is made that every reading will match it in terms of the amount of detail provided, or in the level of "success" attained. It must be understood that tarot reading is not an art which is necessarily easy or absolutely precise, and that sometimes the results are not what are hoped for.

The fee paid is, nonetheless, non-refundable. It is understood to represent compensation for the time and effort spent in conducting the reading, irregardless of the "final product."


No Refunds

As stated, once paid, the $50 fee is non-refundable. If you are in anyway dissatisfied with the service, however, please provide feedback, as it is not our intention to disappoint.


No Payment for Future Interpretations Accepted

We will only "contract" to do one tarot reading at a time, per client. Donations in excess of $50 will not be counted towards future tarot readings. (For example, a payment of $150 - after our service is first contacted and states its availability to read the tarot for you - will earn the client only one reading, at the time the request is made. The remaining $100 will be kept as a donation to the Rainsnow Project, and will not be applied to future requests to have the tarot read at later times. Individuals who wish to have subsequent readings should pay for each reading, on an individual basis, at the time they wish to have it made, after first verifying the availability of the service at that time. The purpose of this is to prevent our service from building up a large backlog of "owed readings", since conditions may change, diminishing the amount of time available for us to provide this service. We need to maintain our flexibility to be able to switch priorities, and commitments of time and energy, as needed. We also wish the money which we receive to be money which we can depend on, and use freely, not money which is not really ours until a future service is rendered.) NOTE: It is generally not a good idea to overuse the tarot. Although it may sometimes be helpful to seek readings from different readers within the same general time frame, in order to compare results - or to ask different questions of the same tarot reader during such a period - it is not advisable to ask for multiple readings of the same class, by the same reader, within a limited time frame. I think that overuse of the tarot in this way implies a lack of connection with the process, and diminishes its power to serve you.



The Tarot is a controversial system of divination, which is not recognized, by our current scientific, and more importantly, legal system, as a legitimate means of foretelling the future or generating advice. The use of the Tarot for such purposes, especially when a fee is charged, is therefore considered, in many localities, to be illegal: a "fraudulent business practice." (See "A Note on Fortune-Telling and the Law.") For this reason, in order to provide a tarot reading service, in which a fee is involved, the following disclaimer must be given: FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY, meaning that when you pay for this service, you are paying for a form of entertainment - just as if you were paying for the right to play in a game - and not for the purpose of receiving accurate information about your life and future.

Although we, at this service, hold a different metaphysical view, and consider the Tarot to be a sometimes effective means of gaining insight into a personís life and future, we cannot go against the grain of contemporary society, with its legal mechanisms. We also acknowledge the fact that, even within our metaphysical framework, tarot-reading cannot be considered to be an infallible means of gaining accurate knowledge of a personís life. In terms of accuracy, there are both "hits" and "misses." We therefore reiterate that this service is provided to you FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY.

This service assumes no responsibility for how you use the reading provided. That is your sole responsibility. Although we believe that tarot readings may sometimes provide great insight into your life, you must use your own judgment, instinct, and common sense in deciding how to use them and apply them; and also consider the possibility that our reading may be inaccurate.

Once again - how you use your tarot reading is YOUR responsibility, and YOUR responsibility alone.

Every once in a while, an individual seeks to have the tarot read as a form of "testing", "ridiculing" or "exposing" the tarot-reader, misrepresenting himself or herself, and his or her situation. We advise against this. We will take the information which you provide us at face value (for example if you say you are a man, and you are really a woman), and work with it as though what you said were true. It is not our job to "prove" anything, or to "see through" anything, only to work with the cards as we know how. We believe that an honest communication between client and reader will produce the best results for both.

Regarding the time frame in which you may expect a reading to be rendered, it may vary according to circumstances. Usually, we will try to get back to you within 48-72 hours with a reading. However, we may take longer. If the timeliness of our response is a crucial concern to you, please state that in your initial contact letter, and verify that we can provide a response to you within the time frame which you desire, before making payment.

If you desire a follow-up to our reading, please, likewise, send that request to us within 1-3 days of the day in which we sent your reading to you. We ask you to do this because new requests may be coming in, and we need to avoid too heavy an overlapping of old and new work. Too long a delay on your part may result in the elimination of your right to a follow-up. (Please remember that the follow-up will not be a "new reading", but merely a clarification of the reading already made.)

A final advisory regarding payments: any payments sent to this site in excess of $50, or without first receiving confirmation of the availability of the service, or without us being notified, before the payment is sent, that the payment is for the specific purpose of receiving a tarot reading, may be taken as non-refundable donations for the use of the Rainsnow Project, and not applied towards (a) tarot reading(s). You should not use this service if you are unwilling to donate money to the Rainsnow Project; and you should, in fact, consider payments for this service to be a from of donation to the Rainsnow Project, in which the service provided is to be considered as an earnest attempt to provide you with something that is useful or interesting, as a means of attracting your donation.

It is also understood that you must be 18 years or older, "legally of age" - or else have parental permission - to utilize this service; and that you, or whoever makes the payment towards this service, is authorized to make payment for this service.

By utilizing this service, you are agreeing not to hold this service liable for any damages or consequences of any kind.


Going ahead with your tarot reading

If you wish to have a tarot reading made by this service, AND HAVE READ THIS SECTION ("TAROT READING SERVICE") THOROUGHLY, AND AGREE TO THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS ENUNCIATED WITHIN, then please send an e-mail confirming the availability of the service at this time. The heading of your e-mail should read: "Confirm TR." contact@rainsnow.org 

If you have read this section ("Tarot Reading Service") thoroughly, and agree to the terms and conditions it has enunciated; and if you have already confirmed that the service is available at this time, please send your $50 payment via PayPal or other means.

After confirmation of receipt of your payment, please continue with the process outlined at the beginning of this section ("Tarot Reading Service"), under "Basics." Your e-mail heading should read "Personal Background and Tarot Reading Request."  contact@rainsnow.org

Please accept our apologies for all the "warnings and advisories", but it is our hope, by providing them, to avoid any misunderstandings which could diminish your satisfaction with this service.

Peace, and all the Best!


PAYMENT: By making payment, I affirm that: I have read, understand, and agree to the terms and conditions described in the above section, entitled "Tarot Reading Service." I have verified the availability of the service at this time, and am now ready to provide my payment of $50 for that service.


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